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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Scavenger Hunt 2015 - part 2

Here's a few more photos for this year's Scavenger Hunt.

#05 Architectural Columns.

Yes right in front of me, we actually have a column on our house, it adds to the divide between us and our neighbour.

#10 A College or University.

This is Reigate College, the sixth form college our son will be moving to in September. The photo is a panorama my husband took on his phone of the front of the original building, although most access is now at the back so this is seldom seen.

(#11 A cellular tower or television satellite dish) ditto

Here's another tower as most aren't camouflaged as in part 1's photo.

#15 A flag pole with at least 3 flags on it

OK so I didn't quite manage this. So here's a building with 4 flag poles with one flag each, hmmmm! Then there are the school railings with lots of flags, but not a pole in sight! Ho Hum.

#06 A Metal Bridge

Yay at last a special trip out to Morden Hall Park to get this lovely bridge and various others too.

First, there is the modern blue metal bridge from the car park.

Second, a couple of metal bridges by the old mill.

Lastly their iconic white metal bridge.



Sue said...

Nice photos. You did well to get what you did.

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Sue

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love that panorama shot of the school. Stunning

Elizabeth said...

Hi BJ, I've just caught up with both Part 1 & 2 of your hunt and haven't you done well? The panoramic of the college is a great shot and I love the disguised cellular tower. I'm finding the flag one difficult too and I missed an overloaded vehicle recently because I didn't have my camera with me! Elizabeth xx

Halle said...

Nice job with the scavenger hunt. I've checked a few off my list but haven't posted yet. :)