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Sunday, 10 March 2013

12 Months in View - Daffs

I was looking for my photo of lambs and found loads of other photos which hadn't made my scrapbooks whilst I was at it.

Then, when I found my lamb picture I realised it was taken in May so yes still Spring but definitely not March!

So I made a photo collage of past daffodil photos and the one thing we haven't mentioned yet - Catkins.

For good measure, here is my lamb photo! Quite big ones methinks, perhaps I'll be sculking off to fields nearby to get some piccys of really baby ones in the near future.


Pamela Haun said...

Hi BJ,
Love the collage you did with all the pretty flowers. And I combined all my blogs into one. I got a little blog crazy and now I am just blogging on my first page: journalmehome.blogspot.com. Don't know what I was thinking......

Redanne said...

Hi BJ, love your collage, daffodils are my favourite flowers although ours are taking a battering with the snow! Also love lambs - great photo. Thank you for visiting and your lovely comment. Hugs, Anne x

Pamela Haun said...

Hi BJ,
Thanks for visiting the old blog. I think I fixed my profile. Next time you visit me please let me know if I got it right ;)