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Friday, 9 August 2013

12 Months Calendar, Tag & Garden

In my 12 Months in View Journal I have added the giveaway sunflower picture to my calendar pages and had to darken the backing to make it show up better. I had to cut and rearrange parts of the image to make it fit my space.

I also made up the pocket with the smaller sunflower image and popped the tag panel onto the back of my tag.

I have taken a few pictures of the pots which have run wild in my garden. I have a big dandelion, 3 tomato plants and a sunflower, all just appeared.

Not sure what the tallest plant is, kale perhaps? We had wheat last year! The baby oak tree seeded itself a few years back. The silver birch I now have in the garden was also found in a pot many years ago.

Still can't believe we have tomatoes forming on the plants. I tried to grow them quite some years ago and they got black spot so I didn't bother ever again. Shame I don't really like tomatoes.

I can't remember now but someone was asking about ladybirds this week and whether we'd seen any here in the UK this Summer. I had seen one in next door's compost bin earlier in the week so hoped there would be more and sure enough I saw another just now and grabbed a photo.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

HMM! I've always known these flying creatures as lady BUGs. Isn't the English language strange (grin).

I know what a sunflower, a dandelion, and a tomato plant looks like, but I have NO idea what anything else is. I'm even having trouble identifying what's in my own garden!

Sorry I'm late arriving. Think I missed WOYWW, but don't know, since I've been offline for nearly three days.

Dawn said...

Fab calendar page sweetie, I love the sunflower image, perfectly doctored to fit your needs, superb.
Awe love the ladybird pic too, we haven't seen any at all this year sadly.
Huge hugs x

Sharon Fritchman said...

I absolutely love the photos of your potted garden! So beautiful! and your calendar is fabulous, BJ!!!!!