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Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Honey Bee
Only a few days left of May for the Great British Bee Count.

Not sure when or where my love of bees came from but I noticed some years ago that going past our Cotoneaster bush was like "running the gauntlet" due to the multitude of bees visiting it at certain times of year.

Tree Bumblebee
The great British Bee count has been earlier this year and I was so hoping the Cotoneaster would be in full flower for the count. The fact that the flowers are so tiny and inconspicuous didn't help either!

White-tailed Bumblebe

The beginning of the month didn't show many bees but now towards the end of the month it has come into its own and the "running the gauntlet" game has started again.

Fortunately the bush is right outside our window so we can watch safely from indoors, but as bees tend not to sting unless attacked it is possible to stand outside and get close to them too.

One for the Rhododendron
We have a Rhododendron bush in full flower too and despite the big brash flowers it doesn't entice far as many bees as the Cotoneaster.

Early Bumblebee 

I have been trying to identify all the different species which visit and have managed these photos.
Hope I have identified them all OK.

Red-tailed Bumblebee
Solitary Mining Bee

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Sue said...

Certainly not as many bees about as previous years.

Hope you have a nice evening. Sue