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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Harp Stool - Upholstered

I started with a £7 pine stool from Ikea - Oddvar.

My husband made it up then chopped some 12cm from the legs to make it a good harp height. He then removed the top and varnished the base/legs of the stool for me.

He also supplied me with the staple gun although I was equipped with tacks, hammer and the like from doing an upholstery evening class half a lifetime ago!

I got some foam £6.75 from Cheam as someone had mentioned this foam shop on Streetlife. I took my stool with me so I could try the thickness of foam and the guy in the shop kindly cut the foam square to size for me.

I also got a remnant of cherry red chenille fabric for a fiver from there (enough for a second cover or replacement should I need it).

I got to work..... so far so good but what about the corners?

Hmmmm, the upholstery book was required for a little refresher. But where was it?

I finally located it in the loft, so glad all the boxes are sorted and labeled so it was only the 4th box of my books before I found it! Phew!

I used my tacks to stretch and re-stretch the liner fabric (from an old sheet!) which had the effect of rounding the corners of the foam which was decidedly square before. When the liner was stretched sufficiently I secured it with the staple gun. Don't think I have used one much before, enjoyed that bit!

Then to the cover, which I did in much the same way as the liner but didn't have to fight with the foam this time around. The corners are a bit bulky so I hope my husband can reattach the legs/base OK later!

So there we have it, one cherry red chenille stool top, fit for a princess!

And there it is on top of its legs, in the conservatory with my harp.

Just need to clear up and do some harp practice now.

How satisfying. I feel I have really achieved something today.


Sue said...

The stool looks fab. Hope you get many hours of playing your beautiful harp.

Hope you've had a good day. Sue

JansArtyJunk said...

You are so clever BJ..your new Harp stool looks fab! :)