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Saturday 1 February 2014

12 Months February Calendar Page

Oh my goodness the last month in the 12 months challenge has finally come around. I like that it finishes in February as it is not only Valentines, but my Birthday (50) and Anniversary (16)  this month.

Here's my February calendar, I used a heart for the days as I even had a stamp which was suitable this time. I have gone with purple for my colour scheme, using distress inks and stencils. I used one of my new Glitter Paste colours for the first time and OH what a mess I made.

First it was the removal of the aluminium seal from the tub.

I hadn't had that much trouble with the Bronze previously but the Lilac this time! The aluminium was not only caked in thick paste but it kept breaking off in pieces. The paste had separated so it then needed a good stir. I have the Sage Green seal yet to do!

It also took me a few attempts to get the paste to work well through the stencils which were hard to lay flat. I made a mess of 2 of the 3 birds on my calendar page and thankfully the one bird I did on the round robin journal I was doing in the same vein worked quite well.

Yes I have loved the calendar aspect of this 12 months project and soon will have a year's worth of daily entries to look back on.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It never occurred to me to use TWO pages in my new calendar. What size is yours? Mine is LARGE (22,9 cm X 30,5 cm or 9 in X 12 in) for one sheet. Yours looks like it is a bit smaller than mine, but if I started using two sides per month, I'd be able to get rid of my horrible drawing pad that much faster.

I've never heard of that paste, so it was all new to me. You find the neatest new products.

Are you linking to Kate's The Kathryn Wheel, or is this just a fun project you have taken on yourself?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Color me embarrassed. As I was scrolling up to see the next post, I realized this was for your 12 month calendar you have been working on for an entire year. It helps to understand what I am reading (grin). Sorry about my faux pas.

Unknown said...

love the glitter paste. the results are beautiful! I like the color scheme too.