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Hi, Welcome to my Blog. I'm an eclectic kind of crafter delving into many pots. I am just about managing to keep up my Scrapbooking Diary (usually about 6 months behind), plus any cards as required. I have a new found love of Watercolour and Bible Journaling plus recently Faith/Art Journaling too. I've challenged myself to make an art journal page a day for this my 60th year. Previously I've also dabbled in ATCs, Tags, Altered Books, Mixed Media, Décopatch, Knitting, Crochet, and Embroidery amongst other things. I live in Surrey, UK with my husband, our son has left home now. For exercise I usually play Badminton and go Ballroom and Latin Dancing. I also like walking/Geocaching and sometimes do a bit of Bouncing on my Rebounder (mini trampoline). I have been learning to play the harp for the past 10yrs. I am now officially retired. I am a born again Christian, currently worshiping at my local Vineyard Church.

Friday 31 July 2015

Scavenger Hunt 2015 - part 6

Toddling  along nicely with this year's Scavenger Hunt.

Couldn't find a carousel so had to go with Merry-Go-Rounds at the local park.

#13 A Merry-Go-Round or Carousel

Just need the flag pole with 3+ flags and/or the 3 substitutes, plus me and a sign.....

Well we do have until 21st September, plenty of time.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Scavenger Hunt 2015 - part 5

Just popped out to the post office to get some stamps.

When I was parking my car I had to get a ticket despite it being free there for the first 3 hours.

So does this count as a ticket booth?

#19 A Ticket Booth

I came back to the car via the train station and as it said "Tickets" on the outside I snapped that also.

Then I was desperately looking for a couple of people in the same uniform. I approached a parked bin lorry and plucked up the courage to ask their permission but sadly denied. 

#17 At Least 2 People wearing Matching Outfits or Uniforms.

So it was back to Asda! Fortunately for me 2 of the trolley retrieval guys were together outside so I surreptitiously snapped them, then another bin lorry drove behind them so I snapped again.

#13 A Merry-Go-Round or Carousel

The carousel is seriously giving me trouble so I searched the toy aisle in Asda and came up with these, well they do go round!

Clutching at straws here.

So these are my latest adventures for the Scavenger Hunt.

I think this Merry-go-round/Carousel is seriously lacking and also the multiple flags on a flag pole, so I better watch out for the three substitutions methinks.

Saturday 25 July 2015

Scavenger Hunt 2015 - part 4

OK.  So I managed a little trip out but not feeling all that well as I now have an ear infection following an irrigation last Monday. Add that to having a crown fitted yesterday on the same side as the infected ear, I am rather under the weather!

#16 A Panoramic View, taken while standing someplace high in the air

It was a warm Saturday afternoon but as there was a gentle breeze I wore my ear muffs as the pain was too much to bear with wind in my ears too.

Anyway to the Scavenger Hunt. We popped over to Box Hill and I took a photo of the valley from the Memorial Stone, overlooking Dorking. My husband will be taking part in the Ride London event around there next weekend, all 100 miles!!

(#09 A Tent) ditto

I then surreptitiously took a photo of my husband with some tents in the background, but really focusing on the tents LOL. ditto

#20 A Natural Body of Water

Then we went along to a local pond at Walton-On-The-Hill. The water was quite low due to the dry Summer we are having at the moment.

#04 People Playing a Board Game or Card Game

When we got back I managed to get my son to join us in a game of Chinese Checkers.

Scavenger Hunt 2015 - part 3

Not doing so well with the Scavenger Hunt at the moment. Might need to get my hubby to take me out on a scavenge....

However I do have:-

#12 A Public Restroom, Bathroom or Toilet.

I took this shot of the "ladies" at church the other week.

#18 An Overloaded Truck, Car, Bicycle or other Vehicle.

I was driving behind this overloaded American style army truck and was fortunate enough to stop beside it at the traffic lights and knabbed this shot on my tablet through the window of my car. Shame I didn't manage more of the trailer which had a flashing light also.

#09 A Tent

I shot this, standing on a chair in the back garden, of my neighbour's Gazebo. A very square tent, my son had enjoyed a birthday bash there the other weekend and fortunately for me it was still erected.

Thursday 16 July 2015

Grow Wild Seedlings

After 2 months it would seem that my seeds are finally doing something!

Here's my initial post back on 13th May 2015 when I scattered the seeds.

By 22nd May the first signs of life had appeared, although you may need a magnifying glass!

The sunflowers, courtesy of the birdseed falling in the Easter Island pot, are gaining strength.

My seedlings were a little better by 3rd June, but the sunflowers are way ahead now.

By 24th June the sunflower was getting so tall I rearranged the order of my pots to give it room and readdress the balance.

Which brings us to today and seedlings a plenty! There are even a few flower heads, however I do think my flowers are a bit stunted, we'll see.

The sunflowers go from strength to strength and will be in bloom soon.

Wednesday 15 July 2015


Due to all the hot weather we have had recently here in the UK, I set "Sizzling" as the theme for this month's SWAP.

I'm still into making 3D box cards, hoping I'll be able to send one to each member of my craft group as the year plays out.

I interpreted the theme via colour as in "Red Hot".

I think I was a little influenced by the Summer of Colour's week 4 colour mix of two reds and a metallic.

Monday 13 July 2015

Summer of Colour - 4 Years!

Thought I'd look back on my 4 years doing the SOC challenge. Shame I missed the first year now but am pondering finding the colour posts and doing them anyways.

Anyway, my first year
"Ice Cream Inspirations" 
I did ATCs all with butterflies.

My second year
"Artist's Choice"
I did Twinchies all featuring insects/animals.

For my 3rd year
"Smudge, Splash and Pop"
I did various pages in my small diary journal.

And this year for
"Colour By Number"
I did ATCs again but in landscape format using my Indigo Blu stamp set.

Here's a link to all my individual posts if you are so inclined http://ccraftcorner.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Summer%20of%20Colour

Summer of Colour 5 : Week 6

Oh my, we're at the last week of Kristin's Colour Challenge and what an amazing 6 weeks it has been yet again.

Many thanks to Kristin for setting all of this up and encouraging us all to play along with different mixes of colours.

I have been in the crafting doldrums for quite some time but today I am up with the lark (we get the post at 8am here in the UK) still in my nightie and have now finished the challenge.

The colours this week are 2 oranges and a blue, and I had the stamps all ready from last week.

I tried to do as asked and used 2 different orange inks but I think the blue is the same. I was more limited with the liquid pearls and stickles though.

Distress inks used, Wild Honey, Ripe Persimmon and Salty Ocean.
Liquid Pearls Pumpkin and Royal Blue.
Stickles Copper and Baby Blue.

I have to say now that I was SO waiting for this last week's colours that I decided to prepare a page in my journal for the ATCs on Saturday.

I sprayed the pages with black and white Dylusions, stuck my 5 ATCs on then decided a bit of stenciling was required around the edges. I finished off with the title cut in lots of different colours sprinkled with platinum stickles.

So there we have it, my Summer of Colour all done and dusted, it has been great.

I have enjoyed visiting everyone and commenting on quite a few. I have tried to comment on all who visited me but in some cases this just wasn't possible (google + and instagram etc. defeated me).
So thanks to all who have taken part making this a wonderful Summer of Colour.

And here's a link to the past 4 years worth of my entries http://ccraftcorner.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/summer-of-colour-4-years.html

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Summer of Colour 5 : Week 5

So it is week five of Kristin's challenge.

This week we have 2 green's and a pink to play with.

I have used more stamps from the same Indigo Blu set which was a freebie with a magazine last year.

The Distress Inks are Crushed Olive as I saw it on this week's give away. I also used Picked Raspberry and Mowed Lawn and didn't realise these are the other two inks in the freebie!

Liquid pearls, Avocado and Flamingo.

Stickles Green and Crystal.

Crystal tends to shine mostly green but also pink which is a bonus this week.

Stamps poised for next week's finale.

Saturday 4 July 2015

Scavenger Hunt 2015 - part 2

Here's a few more photos for this year's Scavenger Hunt.

#05 Architectural Columns.

Yes right in front of me, we actually have a column on our house, it adds to the divide between us and our neighbour.

#10 A College or University.

This is Reigate College, the sixth form college our son will be moving to in September. The photo is a panorama my husband took on his phone of the front of the original building, although most access is now at the back so this is seldom seen.

(#11 A cellular tower or television satellite dish) ditto

Here's another tower as most aren't camouflaged as in part 1's photo.

#15 A flag pole with at least 3 flags on it

OK so I didn't quite manage this. So here's a building with 4 flag poles with one flag each, hmmmm! Then there are the school railings with lots of flags, but not a pole in sight! Ho Hum.

#06 A Metal Bridge

Yay at last a special trip out to Morden Hall Park to get this lovely bridge and various others too.

First, there is the modern blue metal bridge from the car park.

Second, a couple of metal bridges by the old mill.

Lastly their iconic white metal bridge.