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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Tim Holtz - WORDPLAY - Die

Just tried out my replacement Tim Holtz WORDPLAY Die, as you can see on the left. From one pass through my Cuttlebug (with 2 long "B" plates) and super smooth card it had trouble with "X" "Y" and "Z" at one end and "N" "P" "Q" and "&" at the other. And I don't just mean little nicks which didn't cut properly, I mean whole sides/sections.

 I then had a go with these letters individually passing them through a number of times and that only left "N" and "Z" needing a tear out of the card!! Hope to try the die in a friend's Bigshot too but I suppose it is liveable with this time.
The photo on the right shows the problems I had with the original die. At least straight edges are easier to cut out of the card.


Dawn said...

Hi honey, thank-you so so much for my gorgeous ATC, Millie got ever so confused to see tears but then thought I was just being silly when I explained that they were happy, very touched tears ha ha. It is beautifully crafted my lovely and I will treasure it forever.
Grrrrrrr, ref your die, how flippin frustrating, lol I would be sending that one back too!!
Big big hugs x x x x

Redanne said...

Hi BJ, I have a Bigshot, it is the electronic one and have to report the same issues. For me it works best if I just do the letters I want and it seems to copy OK. Have also tried a shim of card, along the edges and that does give a slightly, but not perfect result. Good luck! Anne x

SandeeNC said...

Well, that has to be frustrating! Tell you what, fly over here and will go down to the beach, have a few frosty drinks by the pool and you'll forget all about that naughty die! ;) waving hi from the awesome hills of North Carolina :)

Cass said...

I think I'd be letting Tim Holtz himself know about these problems, I'm sure he'd hate to know that faulty goods are being sold under his name.


Carolyn Dube said...

Rats about the die- those letters have such potential- hope they get a fully functional one to you soon!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh ugh! I know you were anxiously awaiting your replacement die. I have a die that just WILL NOT cut one section no matter what. Pffft!

Karen said...

mmmmm.....this is all very disapointing isn't it? I would expect something of this price and supposed quality to actually cut cleanly. Don't think I will be getting one of those. Good for you for 'outing' the problems, HUGS xxx

Helen said...

I had one or two letters that needed teasing out of the card, but I haven't used it much (not as much as I thought...) will try again soon and report back!

Sherry said...

I have a manual Big Shot machine and when using mountboard have to persuade the letter 'N' out! Even using paper the 'N' doesn't cut cleanly. I can live with it though as all the others seem ok. I seem to remember seeing a tip on one of Tim Holtz's video whereby he passed the die through a couple of times to get an acceptable die cut - so it must be a known fault.

Hope you get an acceptable response.

(sorry for not commenting earlier, I've just returned from holiday)