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Hi, Welcome to my Blog. I'm an eclectic kind of crafter delving into many pots. I am just about managing to keep up my Scrapbooking Diary (usually about 6 months behind), plus any cards as required. I have a new found love of Watercolour and Bible Journaling plus recently Faith/Art Journaling too. I've challenged myself to make an art journal page a day for this my 60th year. Previously I've also dabbled in ATCs, Tags, Altered Books, Mixed Media, Décopatch, Knitting, Crochet, and Embroidery amongst other things. I live in Surrey, UK with my husband, our son has left home now. For exercise I usually play Badminton and go Ballroom and Latin Dancing. I also like walking/Geocaching and sometimes do a bit of Bouncing on my Rebounder (mini trampoline). I have been learning to play the harp for the past 10yrs. I am now officially retired. I am a born again Christian, currently worshiping at my local Vineyard Church.

Monday 9 September 2013

Metal Effects @ Craft Club

Catching up a bit here. At the Ashtead Craft Club last month we had a choice of 2 ways of making metal effects on our art pieces.

1) Scraper board and embossing folders.

2) Metal tape on card with alcohol inks and then embossing.

I chose the first option as I hadn't tried this before, and it was only last night, a week or so after the class, that I finally made up some cards with the pieces I had made in class.

Today at the sister club in Tadworth we happened to do the second option which was great for me, although I do have the supplies to do this at home

3) However, we also had the chance today to have a go with gilding flakes. This is something I have only watched on TV up to now and have been pondering buying, especially with Christmas looming. It was great to have a go.

I ended up with a "Gold Finger" which was quite funny!

One issue which raised some comment in the class was the "shelf life" of Flitter Glue. One member got hers out the other day only to find it had gone quite hard. She contacted IndigoBlu who said they only had a 6 month shelf life, I can only assume this is after opening for the first time! The class organiser then had a look in hers and it too had gone quite hard.

So the question is, has anyone else experienced this and is there a way of saving this from happening?

And finally, here are Claire and Michelle sorting out all the lovely stash they bring each week for us to play with. Thanks for great classes both of you.


Karen said...

Well I never!!!!! Flitter Glu has a shelf life of 6month?????? I have had mine for about 4months now and its still ok but getting 'tackier'. Why oh why don't they sell it in smaller posts. You would have to go some to use up a pot in 6months!!!! Sorry...needed to get that out of my system BJ x

Saying all that you can use a glue pen if you want fine lines or just a touch of flakes. Stamp & Bond works too!

Glad you enjoy your classes and tried something new my lovely xxx

kay said...

You are lucky to have classes near you BJ, happy crafting x

Dawn said...

Gorgeous makes sweetie, both techniques look like such fun. Both are on my 'to try' list tee hee. Your club looks fab too, so glad you are enjoying it my lovely. Hope you are feeling a bit better now?
Huge hugs x

Maria Ontiveros said...

I've never seen this before, and I love what you did!

JansArtyJunk said...

Whooo, how nice to have a craft club local...looks fun!