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Friday 27 July 2012

Internet Problem Update

We have been experiencing our internet line dropping every 10 minutes or so with no service at all last Wednesday. This was first noticed 6-7 weeks ago by our son, who plays on-line games, and occured noticeably when the phone rang! The lack of connection has got progressively worse ever since and we summised that there is some kind of "noise" interference as it is worse in the daytime hours.

After copious phone calls to our ISP (Internet Service Provider) Demon and also our phone line operator (BT). Plus numerous line profile changes and tweeks by Demon, BT have just sent us an e-mail saying they "think" they have fixed our problem.

Not holding breath just yet, but I hope they have sorted it as the Olympics start today.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me comments regarding this and I'll try to catch up with you all soon. BJ


SandeeNC said...

We will be on a tape delay for the Olympics, so you can tell me anything exciting to be on the look out for!! lol Hoping your internet stays fixed! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Shoshi said...

Sorry to hear about your internet problems, BJ. We had awful problems a while back with noise on the line, and BT engineers came out twice, and we ended up with a bill for £200!!!!! When they discovered that the "waterproof" box in the road was full of water, they admitted the problem was theirs, but it took months to get the bill sorted. After that we went over to Sky for our phone - I'm mega fed up with BT. Our ISP is a local firm which, although more expensive than some of the big giants, gives service second to none, which we need, living in ultra rural Devon... They get on to BT if there are problems - we suffer from ancient infrastructure, I'm afraid, coupled with being too far from the nearest exchange, so our "broadband" speed is like a tortoise in hibernation...

Olympics! Yay! I was oooh-ing and wow-ing all through the Opening Ceremony last night!!

Thanks for your lovely comment - glad you enjoyed my annotated piccie. Easy peasy with a desktop publisher. Lots of people have expressed interest in it, so I think I'll give a bit more explanation in next week's WOYWW post.

Have a great weekend,
Shoshi #51