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Tuesday 18 June 2013

My Dad and photos

As is my custom on the anniversary of my Dad's passing I pop along to a local church to light him a candle and sit in their garden of remembrance.

This year was no exception so what better candle to show for #17 Candle(s) for the 2013 Summertime  Photography Scavenger Hunt and then too #10 A Bench that is Outside is where I sat for a while.

After lunch, I thought I'd take a trip out to our local sister town of Reigate where our town hall is situated to fulfil #3 City Hall, Capitol or other similar civic building.

I even got a photo of the Mayor's car outside and the sweet smell of the roses was lovely to behold.

I was then going to go to the Police station to lurk outside for #15 A fire truck or police car. 

 But would you believe I heard a siren and round the corner came a Fire Engine, couldn't believe my luck! I snapped away with my little Sony Cybershot and got the following photos, oh did I giggle to myself on the way back to my car.

I took a few photos of the sculpture of Dame Margo Fonteyn, the prima ballerina, whilst I was at it but don't think I can attribute those to any of the items listed. Nor the Zebra Mini, but just had to share them. Unless either could be attributed to #9 A photo with someone or something that is clearly out of place or doesn't belong but that would be pushing it wouldn't it?

And lastly the Windmill on Wray Common was just waiting for me to go visit for this challenge #16 A windmill. 

A lovely warm afternoon in old Blighty, don't get many of those and it has clouded over now and looks like a storm is brewing.


TiaraHelen said...

Lovely pictures of my hometown (or near enough), Billy, thanks for sharing...

Helen said...

Great pics, BJ!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

A fantastic cornucopia of photographs for the Hunt. The candles and bench are very touching. I enjoy the giggles that go with the fire engine and am thrilled to see a real windmill.

TheChrisGregory said...

That's lovely Bill, an afternoon well spent.

Anonymous said...

How lovely, the ballerina reminds me of a Degas painting - really enjoyed these photos and reading the story behind them.

Miriam said...

I loved that you tell a story to go with the photos. I can't stop looking at your scotty dog cloud! it is absolutely wonderful. Well spotted. The name of the water tower...I bet that took a few meeting to arrive at! Your sunset is simply beautiful.