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Sunday, 6 July 2014

2014 Scavenger Hunt - Part 03

Woke early (before 5am) so thought I'd pop out to the Racecourse (Epsom) to see if I could catch a good #13 Sunrise photo.You get a great view of London from up on the Downs but as for the Sunrise, not today!

But wait a minute this would fulfill the #07 Rural Landscape nicely.

I had to console myself with a #03 Bird on a "Signpost" (there were two Magpies initially but I wasn't quick enough) and a flurry (20 in all) of #17 Lamp posts.

On the way home I spotted lots of wires for the Bird on a Wire photo, but they weren't playing ball at 5am either.

I think it is back to bed for me now!


Nan G said...

Lovely pics. Are those stairs or a drainage grate? Oh my a rather confusing sign, hmmm. Hope you were able to catch a few winks when you got home. Hugs

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I never thought of lamppost being one of THOSE types. I have one of those that sits directly across the street from me, and were it not for my one and only tree, it would shine right into my office at night, as it does in the winter, where the light is actually welcome.

Love your bird on a signpost. I must have copied it wrong, because I thought it was on a wire. Glad I can now look elsewhere than my back yard!

Thanks for the J52 update, especially since I get NOTHING from e-mail, and don't even use (or check) it anymore.

I have to admit, you have some lovely photos!

My house was built, according to the deed. in 1920. It's one of the oldest houses on the block, along with one other that was built at the same time. The rest of the houses were built between 1948 and the mid-50s. At least, that's according to my previous neighbor. But I live in a very well established neighborhood, where many of the trees are older than the houses.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks again for the prompt. I gave you credit because I still can't get on the J52 site. Mine is up, and I certainly appreciate your help making it so!!

And no, we call the fancy ones "lamp posts," while the kind you showed we call "street lights." The first is mostly decorative, while the second is quite functional, keeping people from getting hit at night.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh my!Sorry that the Hunt gave you such frustration!